Lopes Attorneys Inc. is a market-leading, boutique law firm based in Johannesburg, and has been recognised as one of the leading law firms in Africa, having been shortlisted for and having won various prestigious awards. 

Lopes Attorneys Inc. has been recognised for its capabilities and expertise through agencies such as the African Legal Awards, the Lawyers Global and the Global Law Experts.  

Coupling its market-leading legal expertise with client-centered and focussed solutions, Lopes Attorneys Inc. prides itself on pushing the envelope and breaking boundaries in formulating and implementing innovative solutions. 

In a volatile and unstable world, certainty becomes the most valuable commodity. It is for this reason that our lawyers aim to bring certainty to the uncertain. 


Some of Our Stats...


The Number of Shortlistings and Awards Held By Lopes Attorneys Inc. 


The Number of Countries We Can Reach Through The LegalNetlink Alliance 


The Number of Cities We Can Reach Through the LegalNetlink Alliance


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Sustainability | Simplified 


Our approach is to start with our client's end goal in mind, in order to solve their problems and achieve their needs in a sound, sustainable and pragmatic manner. In doing so, we bring our slogan "Sustainability | Simplified" to all our mandates. 

Lopes Attorneys Inc. acts on behalf of various local and international clients across the globe. In partnership with the LegalNetlink Alliance, Lopes Attorneys Inc. has access to over 35 countries and over 143 cities globally. 

With over 1500 lawyers part of the LegalNetlink Alliance, Lopes Attorneys Inc. has reshaped the new normal of doing business, and is able to execute mandates regardless of where or how intricate our client's mandates may be. 


Our Story

Overview of the LegalNetlink Alliance 

The Legal Netlink Alliance is a global association of small and medium-sized independent law firms that offers members and their clients access to top-notch legal representation around the world.

What makes the Legal Netlink Alliance unique is the solid professional relationships coupled with the camaraderie that our members formed with one another creating a foundation of trust for its clients.


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